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Darts Exhibitions

darts exhibition database

My all new darts exhibition database

I have now created a brand new website to act as a central database of all darts exhibitions.  It’s still free, just much more useful.  You can search like you do on google, using player names and towns / counties to find exhibitions you are interested in.  If you have organised a tournament, you can register and list exhibitions for FREE – and advertise them to darts fans simply and obviously very cheaply :)


If you are looking to book, or find exhibitions by two of the great friends and entertainers in the game (or seperately of course!), check out Terry’s new official website here.

If you’ve not been to an exhibition – they are independently organised nights of darts entertainment.  They will feature one or more darts professionals, and often offer a chance at playing a pro yourself.  Many players do these exhibitions, and the circuit means there is also usually a top MC for the night – helping ensure you all enjoy yourselves.

So get over to my Exhibition database website, and find yourself a night of darting gold!

How to put on a exhibition

exhibitionsIf you are thinking of running your own darts exhibition, but don’t know where to start, or how to get an MC / Player / Stage, then there’s a site for you.  DartsExhibitions.co.uk is a site created by top MC, Paul Booth, as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for arranging your Darts Exhibition.  The site contains all the information needed for a hosting a successful DARTS EXHIBITION.  Paul can offer advice, help arrange the players you want, and pretty much anything else you might need.  Click here for more info.  Obviously once you have had that help – get back to my exhibition database and get it listed!

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