Nov 19 2010

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Grand Slam of Darts; Friday night’s games preview

Grand Slam of Darts; Friday night’s games preview

Friday November 19, 6pm-10.30pm ITV4

Daily Mirror Grand Slam of Darts

Daily Mirror Grand Slam of Darts - hotting up!

Another set of juicy games tonight – it’s just a shame they start so early in the evening, as I’ll probably miss the start of Lloyd vs Stompe :(

Tonights games are;

  1. Colin Lloyd v Co Stompe
  2. Ted Hankey v Steve Beaton
  3. Scott Waites v Raymond van Barneveld
  4. Ronnie Baxter v Phil Taylor

Will Stompe play up again tonight?  He hit some fantastic big finishes in his last game, and I think he’ll need to do the same tonight if he’s to beat a confident Lloyd, who really seems to be relaxing into this tournament.

The fun continues with Hankey vs. Beaton.  Now my spider senses tell me that Hankey will win this one too.. but Beaton was sublime in his last match – cooler than the Fonz on stage.  So who knows!

Waites vs Barney in the penultimate game… Barney has been throwing pretty well.. at times Scotty has been to hot to handle.  Could be the closest battle of the night.

Last game up two PDC big hitters… Baxter taking on Taylor (without glasses I’m sure).  I would have tipped Baxter, but The Power is back to 100% full beam now, and I can’t see him letting Baxter through this round.

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  1. Winston

    I personally won’t watch tonight after last night’s shameful behaviour by the crowd (and others).

    I also fail to comprehend why people would want to watch a match like Lloyd – Stompe when they have exactly zero chance of reaching the final.

    Ah well, each to his own.

  2. Krispy

    Lloyd no chance for final? The worlds no.1 for quite some time? I’d say his chances on a final are as good as anyone in the field, especially in a tournament where Taylor and Barney have both been below par in some of their games.

    Plus Stompe is one of the great entertainers of the game. His last game and win was one of the most exciting games of recent times.

  3. Winston

    Well, he was world no 1 five years ago. I suspect that pigs will fly before the day comes when Colin Lloyd beats Phil Taylor over a best of 31 legs match.

    I am just so bitterly disappointed with what happened last night. Disgrace nr 2 (nr 1 being the crowd, naturally) was definitely Chris Mason who labelled the booing karmic retribution for Mervyn.
    Let’s just examine the facts:
    1. Henderson, intentionally or not, overstepped and thus cheated.
    2. Mervyn apologized for overreacting. He was, however, correct in reacting.
    3. That incident couldn’t possibly have been the sole reason for the boos, as he has been showered with boos throughout the year, at many different venues. The booing all hails from a Premier League match when Mervyn was beating Phil and the latter purposefully knocked a dart down to slow Mervyn down and perhaps knock him off his rhythm, which Mervyn wouldn’t take and so threw a dart over Taylor. In my opinion that was quite understandable.
    Obviously, the Sky commentators and the PDC all covered Phil’s back and lambasted Mervyn, and subsequently continued to fan the flames by reminding the crowd of that moment before every single match Mervyn and Taylor plays, even more than a year later.

    Did anyone ask for “best of order, please” last night when things began to get out of hand? Of course not, and that could have been done after a previous leg when Mervyn was booed going for double 18 and double 9 respectively.

    The whole thing just bears all the hallmarks of a stitch up in my opinion. The powers that be wanted Wade through, and they got the result they wanted. Good for them.

    Or am I overreacting?

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