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Open Tournaments

The Open Darts Tournament Database

For all your open darts tournament needs, I have created a website service just for you – player or organiser!

Open Darts Tournament Database
Our brand new website is now OPEN. Register and receive info on open tournaments

The brand new darts website at http://www.opendartstournaments.co.uk intends to plug the gap below the BDO/PDC organised tournaments; a reliable way of matching up dart players to the many great open darts tournaments.  It is designed as a ‘central database’ to house a fully searchable and indexed list of UK wide private darts competitions, which any player, of any level, can search and use a resource to find prize giving tournaments in any area of the UK.

We also invite any organisers of darts comps to register, and enter details of any open tournament, big or small, into our database, then let me promote and find players for you.    Darts players can use our simple search page, or register and save their preferences, and sit back and let our automated match up process send you e-mails for any tournaments which match your criteria (county and min top prize).

Please help us make this new darts resource a big success – tell anyone you know who organises pub/club darts tournaments, as it’s a great way for them to reach potential players (which makes their tournament more of a success!), and if you’re a player yourself, please sign up, and let any friends know who may be interested.  Open tournaments by their definition are OPEN; so are usually welcome to players of all standards (and codes, be that BDO or PDC or a pub player).

The most important think about the “Open Darts Tournament Database” is that it is FREE, and meant to be a useful central resource for everyone – it’s not meant to replace or compete with the posts made in darts forums or other means to advertise a darts comp, rather a complimentary way of pulling them all together in once searchable place.

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  1. stewart holden

    looking to join the pdc in the next year becuase i think im ready for the big stage

  2. dean ramsey

    can i join a darts tournement even tho im 16 cause im ready

    1. Krispy

      If you are GOOD you might want to try the PDC Youth Tour – open for 14-21 year olds. If you’ve not competed before – you may want to try BDO open events first though, just to get a feel for competition.

      1. kieran pace

        hi krispy can anyone join the pdc youth tour

      2. Krispy

        if you meet then age range (and pay entry fee per event) then yes I believe so. All starts again early next year now – more details to come I’m sure. You don’t have to meet any other rules (you don’t have to have played for a county / superleague / pub team for example). If you think you’ve got the arrows to play, then it’s great experience.

      3. dean ramsey

        can i join the youth tour im ready for action

      4. Krispy

        anyone 14-21 can join – you just need to get in touch with them and register to play at one or more of the events.

        This page: http://www.pdc-darts.co.uk/?p=17792 has the links to register and more details.

  3. Liam Anderson

    I agree with Krispy, check out the his Open Tournaments Database too and attend a few events, they are good for experience and a good laugh too!

  4. Jamie Versey

    When will the open darts tournament website be back working?

    I have an event in March and would like to add it

    1. Krispy

      it’s up and running ok? http://www.opendartstournaments.co.uk/



    1. Krispy

      I can’t sign you up directly, but it’s worth registering on and keeping an eye on tournaments at http://www.opendartstournaments.co.uk/

  6. dicky davis

    Ive been playing darts for a few years and ive been told im not a bad player how do i get 2 the next level in the game

    1. Krispy

      I guess depends what level you play at now… ‘traditional’ routes are pub team… then superleague team.. .then try and impress the county team and get some experience at that ‘top amateur’ level. if you can hit 85-90+ averages consistently in competition play, you could / should consider PDC qualifying school if you fancy the (expensive but high reward) PDC tour, or there’s the cheaper to enter BDO circuit – which has more of a spread of talent than the 128 pdc tour card holders.

      Some don’t do the pub/superleague/county thing – miss out the ‘team’ darts and BDO route, and stick to individual ‘open’ comps – which are put on around the country by individuals and organisations. Another good way to test yourself against others and possibly win some £’s…

  7. Gary Melling

    My son is a mad keen darter and has already hit his first 180 at the age of 6 (albeit from nearer than 7 ft 9 1/4). What is the recommended distance and height that young players should be developing at? At what age/when and how do I enter him for any competitions at junior level? Thanks Gary Melling (proud parent)

    1. Krispy

      Hi there Gary, he sounds good!
      I’m not sure if there are official heights/distances for younger players – If I can find anywhere that has guidance I’ll let you know. I know that younger players usually have the board set lower, if not closer.. i guess a bull in the same sort of relation to him as a full size set-up would be to you.. then raise it as he gets older, I have heard of doing that, so it’s the same sort of throw angle for him as he grows rather than having to throw so high up.

      depending on where you live have you checked the http://stevebrowndartsacademy.co.uk/ steve brown darts academies? The PDC youth tour starts at 14 – so he’d need to look at the BDO for their teen competitions until then.

  8. Jamie Branton

    I’m 14 and want to join the pdc ,but can’t find no news anyone knows anything that can help me join please
    Thanks ;)

    1. Krispy

      You want the youth tour then. Next years details are not out yet, so keep an eye out. I’m hearing they may be expanding it a bit.. but also making a wider age range

  9. simon till

    hi i have been practising for 6hrs a day for 2 yrs ,i have got to the point where i throw 100,140 for fun its that easy to me,every double and treble are just so easy that i dont even miss on my finishing my favourate double is 16s usually grt it first dart if i miss then i get double 8, ,i find myself missing on purpose so i can go for double 4, i didnt think i would get this good in such short time but i feel confident to enter a event ,but i dont no where to go ,i am a very fast player blink and you miss me throw,i throw as if i have been throwing a lifetime ,and i need to show my skills on a top level,can you help thankyou,simon

    1. Krispy

      Hi Simon,
      that’s a massive amount of time you’ve put in – do you play for a pub or club side yet? I know you might think you’re already too good, but many people practice really well, then find it MUCH harder when ‘game on’ is called. I really suggest trying to find a local pub or club that’s got a team, get in contact and I’m sure they’d give you a trial – and a game if you’re that good!

      Otherwise find an open tournament on my website; http://www.opendartstournaments.co.uk/ (or on forums or the like) – enter one of those and see how you do. Obviously read up on the ettiquete of the game when playing in comps, such as marking if/when you lose.

      It’s too late to try and qualify for this year’s PDC pro tour – you’ll have to wait until next January for that. So I’d suggest you use this year to find out how good you are in a game situation. There are also many BDO / England Darts events around the country you could also enter.

      If you’re under 25, I’ve just posted about the ‘challenge tour’ http://www.pdc-darts.co.uk/index.php/pdc-unicorn-challenge-tour-entries/ – a tour for 14-25 year olds in the PDC, an extension of the previous years youth tours. there’s a lot of talent in that tour – so it’s a cheaper way to find out if you ‘have it’.

  10. Fred Saudi Arabia

    Krispy what you think ? Kim Hybrechts looks like TinTin, or reminds you of TinTin!!!! Yes and he’s from Belguim!!!

    1. Krispy

      haha you’re not the first to say – it’s the hair too – spot on. The Belgiums are very proud of Tin Tin, so I’m sure he’d be happy with the comparison :-)

      1. garin edwards

        im 14 how do I sign up to play the youth tour

      2. Krispy

        It’s now called the challenge tour, with a wider age range (14-25), but yes if you’re 14 you are probably OK to enter. Info here; http://www.pdc-darts.co.uk/index.php/goodbye-pdc-youth-tour-hello-unicorn-challenge-tour/ and how to register to play here; http://www.pdc-darts.co.uk/index.php/pdc-unicorn-challenge-tour-entries/

  11. Shaun maher

    How could I start to get on the bdo or pdc tours

    1. Krispy

      Well PDC you have to qualify through the qualifying school – which is soon.. so check out the pdpa.co.uk website and follow the qualifying school links. if you don’t win a tour card (only 128 of those), the PDC also have a 2nd tour now, which you can enter if you failed at Q School.

      The bdo you just find tournaments and enter them. no requirements. there’s hundreds of BDO events every year, some are ranking events which go towards qualifying for lakeside etc. check out the official bdodarts.com website.

  12. Liam Cooper

    Hi I’m wondering if you could help me I am 16 and live in Cambridgeshire and love to play darts I have never played for a club/team but would like I get into competitive darts I’m not to bothered about the prices or travelling.

    Just wondering if you could help

    1. Krispy

      unfortunately nearly all teams are pub or club teams, so harder to get into when you’re under 18. the BDO have a lot of youth events, you may want to check out their official website; bdodarts.com or checkout cmabridgeshire’s country page. http://www.cambsdarts.co.uk/

      pdc wise there will be a youth tour this year – but the standard is very high.

  13. Chan

    Hi my son is 11 and wants to go to watch the darts but I am not sure what one let the kids in I’ve just bin minehead for the 3 days it was great I love every min of it .

    1. Krispy

      many do – that one was a bit different, but you’ll find most pdc events (and bdo) allow children.
      That being said I’d never take children to the premier league – just because they can be quite ‘nasty’ with thousands of very drunk blokes

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